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Bulk SMS Services

KAP System is a Bulk SMS Service Provider Company offering comprehensive and personalized messaging platform. We also deal in services like Bulk SMS Service, Bulk SMS End-to-End Solutions, Bulk SMS Reseller Platform, SMS Gateway API Integrations, International SMS Services and International SMS Service in India, USA, UK, UAE, Australia, Canada, Egypt, Saudi Arabia.

Bulk SMS Providers

Life without our palmtops, handhelds and cellular phones would probably be unimaginable in today?s time. Is checking your email, surfing the Internet and accessing information the only activities to do on your swanky phone? Whether a smartphone or not, you device will always support the conventional Short Messaging Service (SMS). Cheap Bulk SMS Services have multiple applications for businesses, such as issuing immediate alerts to staff, sharing important information with key customers or suppliers

? delivered to the right place at the right time. KAP System is among the largest Indian Bulk SMS Providers and also offers services including Short Code Services, Long Code Services, Free SMS Services, etc.

International Bulk SMS

KAP?s International Bulk SMS Solutions are the most efficient and cost-effective means to communicate with your audience. Our services are reliable and cover an expanse of more than 240 countries and 1500 operators Contact us to know more about our Bulk SMS Service or Bulk SMS Campaign. Marketing your product was never this convenient and pocket-friendly. You can also request a Call Me Back for tailoring the right kind of Bulk SMS Service to meet your specific targets.

Bulk SMS Features

  1. Single SMS Delivery
  2. SMS Delivery
  3. Address Book
  4. Group SMS
  5. Log Report & Delivery Report
  6. Monthly Summary Report
  1. Scheduling SMS
  2. 50-100 SMS / Sec through-put
  3. Total server through-put is 100-200 SMS/ sec
  4. WAP Push / Long Text capability
  5. SMPP/ HTTP/ UCP Connectivity